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Currently working on a few more stuff for the beyonce


surprise ice cream is the best ice cream~


index; a sims role play

Welcome to Index, Washington where supernaturals run the streets under the noses of the population… well most of them.  The rise of the population of wolves, vampires, fae and ghosts has brought the attention of the Army of God, a group that vows to take down the unnatural menace that plagues and destroys lives.  

To join this roleplay forum you are not required to have any of the sims games.  There is a fantastic selection of premade sim avis, as well as a group of members willing to make your vision of your character come to life as a sim.  In the picture above, you’ll see fourteen gorgeous and creative premade avi options that also showcase the members’ artistic talents.  

Some information about the Index Role Play forum:

How to apply


Information about role playing

Index Supernatural History

Current premade avi options


Super Best Friends

"Minzi, I really don’t know why I bother trying to bake with you any more."

"Hey, at least we actually have cupcakes this time!"

"We bought those from a store!"

"Cupcakes are cupcakes, Eunji! Don’t be such a pastry snob~"

Black Thong

I tried…

tags » the sims 3 · ts3 · sims 3 · simatography ·
tags » the sims 3 · ts3 · sims 3 · simatography ·




I was really inspired by pixelsinmyveins gorgeous aliens so I have make one (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ Her world and aliens are so much perfect ;-;

This is something I like to call perfection in it`s finest.

I seriously want a sim like this o.m.f.g. Too much.

I have been inspired.

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What was a spell 

                                                     Feels like a curse

Index Sims Roleplay

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