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I’m not positive, but I think aliens have that grey-ish hue.

Sorry, I worded that badly :P She’s a normal Sim, but I made her look like an alien for a picture. :3

any ideas as to why my Sim is completely white/grey? She looks normal in CAS :/ She was completely black before because she was an alien, would that have anything to do with it? How do I fix this?

Is Jordan’s beyonce over? Can I not download any more?

if so, that makes me sad. Time zone differences meant that it started at 1AM… I wasn’t going to stay up all night for pixels lol

plasticfoundation replied to your post:me rn
Refreshing lol? how often does momo release in between cc. do you know?

'fraid I don't :c I'm just hoping for the best with constant refreshing!


Momo Hair 02

Not great….. but cute xD

Models - by simply-one-hell-of-a-simblr



me rn

 *F4* *F4* *F4* *F4* *F4* *F4* *F4* *F4* *F4* *F4* *F4* *F4* *F4* *F4* *F4*

thirsty or nahh for those new cc by momosims!




who will get it first


In my chair

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