Question about SimBlender tool in TS2?

So my Sim had an alien baby, and I’m planning on using her to continue the family (I’m doing a legacy-type thing, but with cheats because I’m lazy). Only thing is, I really hate their noses! So I found this mod which will let me edit them in CAS. I’m not sure if the changes I make will be passed on to her children, though, and I don’t want to have to keep fixing that hideous nose.

So, does anybody know if the Sim’s genetics are altered by changing their facial features?

Ok guys I’m seriously freaked out rn

Ok it’s a long story and it’s 1:30am so this might not be coherent

but anyway I’m in Scotland right now visiting some people and today I was visiting a family’s house and there was another family there apart from mine. So basically, me being a rude bitch I go upstairs for a nap and I wake up and the other family’s older son (I think he’s like 18ish?? Idk) is in the room too

So I was kinda freaked out but since I had just woken up I was confused and though I was just disoriented. He was there though so we just had a chat before I had to go. I thought he was a little weird but because I’m a nice person I just didn’t judge him too harshly

But then later I found out that he is always really weird around girls and he would go up to them and sniff them? So now I’m like really freaked out

WAS HE SNIFFING ME WHEN I WAS ALSEEP??? Wtf?? This is the first time this kind of thing has happened to me. I can’t sleep and every time I think about it I just feel really gross :c